Alamo Tattoo
upper back, toward the right shoulder
Billy Bob starred in 'The Alamo', a Walt Disney feature film.
I have never been to Texas, but I have been to Mexico.

Rose Tattoo
left arm, at the top of the forearm
Billy Bob "got it for a Mexican girl" in 1977, and someone else made him cover it up.
I like roses.

Leo Tattoo
left arm, upper bicep at the top
Billy Bob's astrological sign is Leo
Mine is Capricorn.

Cross Tattoo
right arm, upper bicep
Billy Bob's Celtic Cross is a cover-up.
I am Irish and Catholic.

Family Tattoo
lower back
By far, Billy Bob's favourite tattoo, inscribed with names of his ex-wife and his 2 sons.

Ohm Tattoo
left arm, mid-bicep
Billy Bob found this design in a book.

Tribal Tattoo
right hip
Another cover-up.
Billy Bob and I both have some Native American blood.

Lines Tattoo
right arm, mid-inner forearm
Billy Bob says it's a "secret for two people." Angelina Jolie has the same tattoo.
I can keep a secret

Lotus Tattoo
right arm, upper bicep at the top
Billy Bob found this design while looking through a book about a yellow rose named the "Fantasia"
I believe in fantasy

Angie Mushroom Tattoo
right calf
A tribute to Angelina Jolie and The Allman Brothers
My mother's name is Angie.

Nothin Doin Tattoo
left arm, mid-to-upper bicep
Billy Bob's first band, Nothin' Doin'.

Billy Heart Tattoo
right arm at the outer forearm
This is Billy Bob's very first tattoo.
I heart Billy Bob.

Peace Angel Tattoo
left arm in the crook
Cover up of Angelina's name.

I like Angels.


*2004 • 13 colour digital archival photos, 42" X 28" paired with small ink jet prints
Me and Billy

original tattoo images and related text from Billy Bob's official website