Matchmaker, matchmaker, bring me a dream…

roy dupuis

a grad student at a recently visited art school who shall remain nameless, but not quoteless, wrote to me:

Hey Jillian,
…I know that you love Billy Bob, but while you were speaking and hints of your Canadian accent came through, I kept on thinking that a Canadian love interest would suit you well. Maybe as your next obsession and/or a future project. His name is Roy Dupuis. He is a Canadian actor, but has done some American productions, including the TV series adaptation of La Femme Nikita, which aired on USA network. He is a solid actor, but much of his fame lies north of the border. Certainly a bad boy, gorgeous, and not pretentious….

While I do appreciate suggestions, I must assert that I do not have a “Canadian accent”. Please….

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  1. LA Matchmaker Says:

    It kind of sounds like you do have a Canadian accent. I had never noticed before but there’s definitely something there.

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