my tobacco plant lives on

tobacco plant

It’s true that I have not yet killed, just inadvertently tortured and maimed, the one piece of nature I have been in contact with this summer – namely, a tobacco plant given to me by artist Zoë Sheehan Saldaña as part of her recent “Homegrown” installation at ArtMoving Projects.

I am trying to nurse it back to health for the love of plants and my friendship with the artist, but despite giving it a home in my new studio which is essentially a greenhouse, the tobacco is not thriving. Maybe this early demise has to do with my poor relationship to smoking offending its very being – I do make the occasional rude comment to visitors about the “odour”. Perhaps it’s my special brand of aloofness that passes for “nursing back to health”.

I just visited Zoë’s website and was met with an onslaught of glowing nurturing green faces – feeling extra guilty now.

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