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After visiting countless galleries in the last 3-day marathon of art openings in New York, and although I did not see everything, I am astonished and excited to write that my highlights were all in Brooklyn, and – ahem – 2 of the artists are Canadian:

1. Joe McKay’s “Lost Signal” wins for most playful and most obsessive at vertexList. McKay made sculptures from dead cell phones, and there are approximately 8 delightful sculptures that ignite the edges of the gallery, many of which you are invited to play with to make sounds and music. Bring a friend for even more fun, epecially at the cell phone piano. My favourite at the moment is the one pictured above – a quiet urban graveyard lit by an LED moon. Amidst this collection of re-animated communication devices, the sun sets in McKay’s poetic and clever performance video, Sunset Solitaireclick for artist’s website. I invited Joe to speak at Pace University on Monday with Marina Zurkow – don’t miss this! details here. image Cell Phone Sculpture.

Michelle Forysth
2. Michelle Forsyth’s “Paperwork” at Hogar Collection. In her 100 Drawings Project Michelle has undertaken a plan to visit sites of tragedy across North America and document them in an unusual way – by her sideline observations, without the typical photographic document. This painting depicts a cloud floating over the site of the accident – click for artist’s website. Marvel at the extraordinary window installation, featuring thousands of pinned paper circle constellations, from the convenient bench outside the gallery, but get up close too. image Point Ellice Bridge Collapse, Victoria, BC, May 26, 1896.

Seher Shah image
3. Seher Shah’s “Jihad Pop” at Momenta Art. The centerpiece of the show is a large detailed drawing that is infinitely compelling. Its iconographies – a cube, a cross, a coffin, minarets, and muslim figures – repeat around the room with the force of pop-media saturation in a series of dark graphic prints – click for artist’s website. image Jihad Pop.

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