Canadian Martyrs

Martyrdom of The Great One

In Miami last month, I ran into fellow Winnipeger Diana Thorneycroft. I missed her work at Photo Miami, because a day of beach laziness, iguana tracking, and stone crab was a far more attractive offer than another marathon session at the art fairs. Later I visited her website and came across her 2006 photographic series featuring Canadian Martyrs.

My favourite is Martyrdom of the Great One, where Gretzky is torn asunder amidst a flock of terribly calm Canadian Geese. Yesterday I watched a few documentaries about Gretzky while researching a new video, and learned that number 99 was the only number ever retired from the NHL. I also found that the great one doesn’t have a lot to say, and barely blinks. The lions and tigers are priceless, not everyone is aware that Canada is home to these beasts.

Pictured above, Martyrdom of the Great One.

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