Tetris Fans

tetris shelves

I confess I love the game. I never really get tired of positioning those falling, brightly coloured pieces. I don’t have to kill anyone, and occasionally I catch myself fitting tetris shapes against the tops of buildings in the sky.
Today I was perusing some fan fiction on fanfiction.net and came across a juicy tidbit about a girl who falls in love with a tetris piece. I’ve been reading a fascinating academic book titled “The Adoring Audience: Fan Culture and Popular Media”, edited by Lisa Lewis. In it, Joli Jenson offers a fan vs aficionado comparison that situates the two as versions of the same thing, varying mainly in class and economy. John Fiske heralds the productivity of fans, “Popular culture is produced by the people out of the products of the cultural industries” (p. 37). Indeed.

In related news, the image above is part of a product line made by Brave Space in Brooklyn, whose design is solid but colour choice pales. I noticed the suggested configurations, except this one, all crown the shelving owner a tetris wiz – few blank spaces here ;)

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