To celebrate St. Patricks’ Day I filmed a performance on the elevated train this weekend with the help of young Chicago filmmaker Liz Hood. The resulting video is a companion piece to Horror Make-up from 2006. I’ve been thinking about this performance for over a year, and can’t believe it took me this long to execute. I guess I’ve been busy.

4 Responses to “Vamping”

  1. CampBlood Says:

    I found your site on AMC Monsterfest. Just wanted to drop by & tell you I love your photos & blog.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for dropping in, CampBlood. I visited your blog – what an exotic combination of interests: gardening and home improvements, and “anything to do with fake blood” – that’s great!

  3. CampBlood Says:

    I just watched the video of you transforming into a zombie on the train. WOW! That was fantastic. I also was able to catch Screen Kiss on Youtube. Is there anywhere I can view your other videos? I had trouble getting the cliips to work on your site. It could just be my work computer. I’ll try on my home system this weekend.

    You do great work.

  4. admin Says:

    It might just be your work computer, you may need Quicktime to see the video clips on my site :)
    None of my other videos are on Youtube, but “Me and Billy Bob” is here:
    Thanks a lot for checking!

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