From my northern location I am surprised to discover that I cannot access my usual crack dose of web version TV episodes. Lost, for one, blocks those of us attempting to peek from non-American soil.

Speaking of Lost and obsession – if I wasn’t speaking about it I was certainly thinking about it – check out Lostpedia (spoiler warning).

While surfing to the tune of other distractions, I happily came across CBC radio’s archived Q podcasts, hosted by the smooth-voiced Jian Ghomeshi. Billed as “your daily dose of arts and culture”, Q is a boisterous programme. Contemporary art, music, sports, food, tv, pop-culture, science, books, design, sex – it’s chock full of all the good stuff. I dare you to listen to just one.

4 Responses to “CBC’s Q”

  1. allan geske Says:

    Hi Jill(ian)

    Love Jian, love his show & his quirky, sometimes quiet, always quixotic vision of the world.
    He was one of the emcees at this year’s past folk festival & did an amazing job! Glad you’re keeping in touch with the CBC.
    I am enjoying your posts.


  2. admin Says:

    Hi Allan
    I am enjoying every episode, I will always love the CBC!
    Lots of Canada trips coming up, possibly Winnipeg in 2009…

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