Wanted: Non-Professional Actors for Ghostly Video Shoot


Participants for a video shoot by Headlands Center for the Arts artist in residence Jillian McDonald. Some will be shot from behind only, therefore your identity may be kept anonymous if requested. Participants can be artists in residence, Headlands staff and interns, or visitors to the Center.

headlands field

Ghost Field is a new video featuring a dry uninhabited field, swept by fog. Throughout the long run time various characters enter the frame like lost zombies or ghosts and stagger off to haunt the living. There is no beginning, no end, and no narrative.

Shooting, including ghostly makeup, will take approximately 2 hours. No acting experience or knowledge of horror films necessary!
Contact: jmcdonald [at] jillianmcdonald [dot] net with any questions.

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3 Responses to “Wanted: Non-Professional Actors for Ghostly Video Shoot”

  1. Emma Gunderson Says:

    Hello my name is emma gunderson and i’ve seen a lot of horror movies and i am a mature 15 year old. My dad works at the san francisco art institute and is a friend of glen redpaths and he says i can be in the movie. If you would like i can also bring friends. Thanks


    Dear Emma
    That sounds great, I’m happy to invite you to participate! Let me know when you are available.
    I’m hoping the fog will return soon, today it was very bright and sunny, which is not very appropriate for ghosts.

  2. Tara Zupp Says:

    Hello, my name is Tara.
    I am also a 15 year old and I have some acting experience.I would love to help! I just need to know the exact location and date so I can make sure that I will be in town?

  3. Tara Zupp Says:

    I’m sorry I only saw now that this was posted months back, so it’s probably already over?

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