red worm

Last night I was with my sister Jennifer in the back of a huge moving truck, sifting through boxes. We came across a long thin jar of coffee and I asked if she’d seen the film, a Disney movie about coffee – I said, “it’s not the usual Disney-pretty story, considering the conditions on coffee plantations.”

Jennifer said no, but she wanted to see it. We started to unwrap it from its jar and then she pulled out a long flat box full of sugar cubes. We sat with the film on our lap while she held the sugar box for us to snack from. I saw something lying across the cubes that looked like a mouse dropping – then it moved. It was a worm or caterpillar, and very fast. I swatted it away – then another one – suddenly the box seemed alive with them under the white cubes. I said “Jenn careful, very careful, move that box away and throw it as far as you can”. She didn’t hear me or was too slow and the air or scene around us went quivery as though there was a layer of worms beneath the surface and the sky exploded with dark red flying worms. Worming in my face, eyes, ears, mouth.

Finally I woke up, hot in my bed.

*image from Princeton’s Genomic labs – check out their wonderful worm research movies.

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