Zombies vs Vampires in Malmo: May 2009

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MALMö, Sweden
Calling all prospective Zombies and Vampires for a performance deep in a Swedish forest, after nightfall.

Zombies vs Vampires (working title) is an artwork where groups of the two “undead” monster archetypes – local people as actors – enact horror film scenes in the woods at night. Audience members make their way along the path in complete darkness. Interested actors need not be professional but must be comfortable in the woods and the dark, serious, and available for auditions, rehearsals, and the performance (all in May).

In popular film lore Zombies and Vampires have their own iconographies and characterizations. Rotting zombies moan as they stagger slowly, clumsily, and unconsciously. They don’t sneak and they travel in groups. They have only one goal – to catch and consume the flesh of the living. Despite being terrifying, they are neither resourceful nor clever and are imminently expendable.

The elegant vampires slink and pose with agility as they move. Catlike, they are very flexible and thirsty. Perceived to be sexy, beautiful, exotic, and mysterious, they have a rich and immortal life and feed off human blood.

Both archetypes bite their living prey and the two rarely if ever appear together in films.

Auditions begin May 6th and the performance will take place in late May. Contact Jonna Ölund jonna [at] lilithperformancestudio [dot] com for more info!

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  1. Hanna Eriksson Says:

    I’m an actriss and I wonder how to get in tuch with somebody about the auditions. I wonder a little what you are serching for and things like that.
    Tank you!

  2. Jillian Mcdonald Blog » Blog Archive » Upcoming Performance in Sweden Says:

    [...] And if you want to be in the performance, see details here. [...]

  3. Mikael Says:

    How about contacting the Swedish government? There is a lot of blood sucking by living dead ;-)

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