Billy Bob and My Devotion Hit Rock Bottom

…momentarily at least. I can’t make promises in matters of the heart.

I’m tempted to put this in the “Horror” category. It is a sign of true friendship when your friends call to report the love of your life has crossed a line. I have very good friends, but some things I’d rather not know.

jillian mcdonald

I was alerted today not only by CBC Radios’ Q Facebook group but by myriad friends in Canada, the UK, and the US that my special someone starred in a new bad boy role today, and not in a good way. Bad boy is one thing – grumpy is another.

With heavy heart I report Billy Bob Thornton, interviewed on CBC’s Q today, has slightly fallen from my favour. I guess it was only a matter of time – 2009 marks seven years after Mr Thornton first set my heart aflutter.

The interview is here if you care to watch. I can’t bear it myself so I won’t embed the video. Note Mr Thornton “lumps” Canadian audiences into the descriptor “mashed potatos without gravy”, and then walks out on his own performance sans southern charm and with his fellow band members left to fill in the blanks, themselves as lively as zombies – the slow kind. Jian Ghomeshi, our host, doesn’t know what to make of the crew’s uber-melancholia.

The thousands of comments floating around on Facebook, Q’s blog, and Youtube, to name a few, grasp for explanations: drugs, depression, Hollywood arrogance, doomed acting career, “band as celebrity vanity project”, rudeness, etc.

For my part, I believe if BB had called me all those years ago, he might be a happier man today. Just sayin’…

3 Responses to “Billy Bob and My Devotion Hit Rock Bottom”

  1. allan geske Says:

    Oh Jill, Jian was pretty cool & amazingly in control, wasn’t he? Yes, the man with the soul patch has lost more than his share of fans. I was a fan. Allan

  2. admin Says:

    Alan, as one friend wrote to me,
    “God, poor Billy Bob. Shoot me if my middle age experience is as traumatic and public…”

  3. Beckley Says:

    Oh, man. What a dick. Even more disturbing than the Joaquin Phoenix thing.

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