Long Way from Home

forest malmo

My friend Christine Sciulli wrote to me today in response to an announcement about my upcoming performance, Undead in the Night. “God you’ve come a long way from our Blair Witch screening!!!”, she wrote. In 1999 Christine called me at my part time job with an invitation to a late night movie. I happily said yes, but apparently was the only person on the planet who hadn’t heard about the film, a little out of touch with popular culture at the time. I sat through the horror film in utter terror, balled up in my seat, peering through clenched fingers as the awful ending pierced the heart of my worst fears. I made her stay on the phone with me that night and couldn’t sleep for days. Camping was out of the question for ages.

A decade later – really?? – I’ve seen countless horror films and now intentionally put myself in a forest (a long long way from home, no less) creating a living horror film. Last night we were out in the woods performing some lighting tests and my eyes and breath were not at ease. For a city girl the darkened woods holds countless unseen threats, real and imagined.

The performance is coming together, our cast is almost complete, and every one of them is absolutely perfect.

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