Bruce and Bruce: Zombie Night in Canada

PontyPool, tag line “Shut up or Die”, is a film from Canadian director Bruce McDonald [2008]. Zombies invade a town in Ontario and the only human defense is utter silence, the zombie virus spreading via language. Read more on the use of silence in horror film, specifically in The Descent. It’s a tricky concept considering our natural impulse to scream or yell when startled by excessively violent creatures or threatened with extreme bodily harm. Not to mention the convention of sound overuse, especially as shock effect, in many horror films. In PontyPool much of the horror is not seen by the protagonists or the audience, but rather described to the radio show staff core characters, via the helicopter weather guy.

In other 2008 Canadian zombie news from directors named Bruce, Bruce laBruce’s Otto or Up with Dead People is a film with a cute gay goth boy zombie protagonist. The trailer claims it “Brings Sexy Back…From the Dead”. This one looks more funny than scary – at least from the trailer.

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