Monsters on our Minds

There is a lot of writing in the press these days about Zs and Vs:
For those who need an infusion of pop-monstrousness…check these links:

In the Blood: Why do vampires still thrill? by Joan Acocella

A Trend With Teeth By Ruth La Ferla

Zombie Films as Liberal Parables in The New York Times’ blogs.

Poor poor modern vampires, stuck merely “hot and bad” while zombies are busy enacting “progressive ideals of common cause and collective action”. If, like me, you’re jaded by the beautiful immortal Twilight and True Blood variety of pouty hero-vamps who aren’t even dangerous drinkers – one is “vegetarian” and the other sips synthetic blood substitute, though you know they both want the real (pretty young) thing – check these new creatures. Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s novel The Strain and Park Chan Wook’s film Thirst, below, offer monsters you can really sink your teeth into, or vice versa.

the strain

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