Zombieland Coming Soon (to a theatre near you)…

Although I haven’t seen it, I predict the best thing about the upcoming Zombieland is Woody Harrelson, reprising his redneck uber violent role from Natural Born Killers. The zombie film has come a long way, and finally gets what it deserves – a superstar! The film features a group of young vigilantes, led by a very buff Harrelson, who survived Zombieland so far by “being very careful”. Case in point: they wash their hands with Purell, in the age of swine flu and Zombie breakouts. Those smart cookies are the other leading male, Jesse Eisenberg, who looks and sounds an awful lot like that nice naive Canadian Michael Cera, and a pair of cute girls who wield a mean chain saw.

Note in the trailer a customary reference to another horror film moment: the banjo duel in Deliverance:

And if you’re not into zombie comedies set in the desert, how about a zombie film set on a Norwegian ski slope? Dead Snow is not funny.

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