November 5th, 2009

Vampire Faceoff

Here is a taste of the vampires spotted last night in the Tempe area – be careful out there, they’re mean!



November 2nd, 2009

Zombies Have More Fun

Prom zombie Tara Logsdon leads the zombies in a move from Thriller, after filming Zombies vs Vampires in Tempe, Arizona.

How can you not love them?

November 1st, 2009

Zombies vs Vampires: BRAVO to Everyone!

The Gathering


Fun shots of vampires and zombies getting me – staged before heading out for taping in the desert this weekend, photos by Steve Gittins.

Make-up artists, videographers, photographer, and actors were in top form this weekend when we filmed Zombies vs Vampires in Tempe’s Papago Park.

Both shoots went super well – with warm weather, clear skies, an almost full moon, and no police, though a few hiker families watched the zombies in action this evening from the sidelines. One park ranger came by and thought we were a church group (!?) or a band, but he liked it so John Spiak invited him to the Nov 10th opening :D

Now the editing begins!


October 29th, 2009

Don’t Mess with these Monsters

We begin taping Zombies vs Vampires in two days and everyone is honing their skills.
Ed turns Aron (above – note Ed’s latex mummy mask work in the background) and Angie transforms Fatima (below) into ghouls.

Zombie Aron:
Zombie Fatima:

Wendy prepares a zombie pyjama (above) as I mold Roxy’s vampire fangs (below).

Rehearsing vampires move in for a closer look.

Vampires (above) and Zombies (below) face off in rehearsal.

Another emergency location-scouting trip, as the sweet desert sun slides away.


October 29th, 2009

Fog Juice

Apparently there are a lot of sunny days in Tempe, Arizona. As a lover of all things foggy, I am delighted to discover one can buy (presumably authentic) American Fog by the gallon~

fog juice

Order yours here! Also available are Eco Fog Juice and Snow Juice for clean and endless fun.

October 28th, 2009

Vampires vs Zombies shaping up!

I’ve lost track but I think there are only a few more days until the taping for Zombies vs Vampires, and we are inching towards being ready! We even found location #2 today!

Paul and Tara help bloody up some zombie wear.

OMG apparently that is me on the left, terrifying poor Andrea our makeup artist extraordinaire. Sometimes I can’t help myself.

We dragged a museum preparator in to be a practice model – someone forgot to tell him to play dead ;) Another wonderful make-up creation by Wendy!

Zombies (above) and Vampires (below) rehearse on an ASU plaza.

Great vampire makeup by Trevor.

Fabulous zombie looks by Angie (above) and Angelica (below).

ok it’s 3:30am which is 6:30am in New York and in any case it is way past my bedtime, so I’m signing off.

October 27th, 2009


Here’s a sneak peek into makeup sessions last week at ASU Art Museum for my upcoming Vampires vs Zombies video, featuring 55 local zombies and vampires, not to mention the talents of local make-up artists. Our vampires will be red-eyed and thirsty, with bloodstained lips.

Carlos Vampire makeup

Carlos (above) and Ginger (below) create vampire looks!

Ginger Vampire makeup

Greg Vampire Makeup Before

Vampire look, created by Sandra (above), modeled by Greg (below)

Greg Vampire Makeup After


Vampire eyes (above) and mouth (below), created by Greg; modeled by Paul


Join us!


October 26th, 2009

Listening to the Desert

Yesterday, somewhere south of Phoenix, sound engineer Adam Murray recorded the subtle sounds of desert for Vampires vs Zombies. It was a hot, dry, crackly day and the incessant overhead plane volleys called for measured patience. I suffered many scratches as I ran, rubbed branched together, brushed against the bristled shrubbery, slithered, and otherwise performed noises for Adam’s listening machines. Luckily we encountered neither scorpions nor jumping cacti – dear desert, you are a prickly beast!




October 26th, 2009

Zombies in the House

This week our skilled make-up artists at Arizona State University Art Museum have been making zombies in the gallery, and unleashing them on the unsuspecting public. Strangely every time we finish a zombie, it disappears, causing concern among the museum staff. So far, all staff are breathing and accounted for.


andrea transforms matt (above) into the living dead (below)



roxy turns bryan (above), and wendy turns sonny (below) into terrifying, though happy, zombies


matt studies kyl’s technique turning paul into a walking corpse (above)

roxy gets a taste of her own medicine in the expert hands of angie’s make-up

one big happy family! note to zombies: do not eat your make-up artist!

5 days left until the Zombies vs Vampires video showdown – don’t miss it!

October 13th, 2009

Graveyard Flowers

I visited Guadalupe Graveyard in Tempe today with curator John Spiak. It is beautiful, simple, and festooned with faded flowers.

graveyard arizona

graveyard arizona

graveyard arizona

graveyard arizona

graveyard arizona

graveyard arizona

graveyard arizona