February 22nd, 2008

Billy Bob stage act

Billy Bob

I really hope BB is playing the role of a Vegas performer and isn’t on the Las Vegas circuit himself. I’m not sure what to make of this photo, grabbed from the interwebs, it’s too disturbing.

>>update, February 24: This is a photo of Billy Bob in his new band The Boxmasters which in live performance conjures television variety shows and electric hillbilly music.

February 18th, 2008

Attention Canadians: After Effects is 100% American

Here’s some geeky info reblogged from Beckleyworks. Hopefully it will prevent someone’s afternoon headache. I tried to launch Adobe After Effects 6.5 Pro recently and was greeted with the message “KCHR Resource not found. Keyboard shortcuts will be disabled.” When they say keyboard shortcuts, they mean everything – you can’t even use the space bar or delete key. The short answer to a long search is that After Effects needs a U.S. keyboard and if like mine, yours switches occasionally to Canadian keys, the software simply will not understand you. Like when you ask where the Americans put your “runners”, they have no idea what you are talking about.

February 14th, 2008

Snow Stories in Brooklyn

snow stories

Here is a shot of the installation of Snow Stories at A.M. Richard Fine Art in Brooklyn, in it’s own little white room.

February 14th, 2008

Valencia Graffiti

I just came across these great photos taken by Beckley and/or I of amazing graffiti in Valencia, Spain.

spain graffiti

spain graffiti

spain graffiti

February 14th, 2008


screen kiss

Hey it’s Valentine’s Day. If you don’t love someone, make it up – they don’t have to know about it.

February 8th, 2008

Superfan Two

super fan

…another still from Superfan. That Vincent Gallo always causes me trouble, like the endless hours I spent today and yesterday and the day before trying to match the colour and grain of his film stock. Don’t get me started.

February 3rd, 2008



Here’s a still from a new video I shot and am now editing for an upcoming show in Ottawa, called Superfan. It is short and features “found performances” of Billy Bob Thornton, Donald Sutherland, and Vincent Gallo.

February 3rd, 2008

Sharing the Love in Richmond

tattoing richmond

After many days of installing my show at 1708 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, we had an opening reportedly attended by some 3,000 people. Many of them lined up to share the Billy Bob love by getting tattooed, including the little one pictured here. Billy Bob fans come in all sizes. Thanks so much to all the fabulous people of Richmond who spent endless hours with me on the installation and planning. Especially Brad Birchett, Vaughn Garland, and Diego Sanchez. Also Ron, Alison, Katherine, Matt, Garth, Curtis, Justin, and Jessi – you guys rock! If I am forgetting anyone, thank you thank you. It is great to come to a city like Richmond and find such a generous and vibrant art community that is this welcoming and that much fun!

See more at 1708 Gallery’s blog!

Images of the exhibition:






January 27th, 2008

weather widget

widget weather

I heart my Apple default weather widget, and although I try others, I come back to it every time. For example, who wouldn’t love the melting sun icon that lasts all summer in Brooklyn, the fat happy snowflakes, or the disintegrating particles of sparkling white atmosphere? Today I looked up Winnipeg’s weather because my whole family is there right now, except for me. It’s a good thing I couldn’t make it…as best I can tell from the visual iconography, in two days Winnipeg will be obliterated.

January 23rd, 2008

Fanatical in Richmond


Fanatic, a solo show, opens at 1708 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia on February 1st.

From the press release,
“This exhibition highlights work from the past five years which can best be described as culture-jamming.

In Mcdonald’s recent work spanning video, web art, performance, and photography, she addresses the American cult of celebrity, the fantasy that buoys extreme fandom, and the mechanisms of “fear as entertainment” at work in horror films. The presence of her image in the work serves not as a self-portrait, but as a projection of universal emotions such as desire or fear. In “Me and Billy Bob”, she digitally manipulated romantic scenes from Hollywood films starring actor Billy Bob Thornton, creating a soft critique of celebrity obsession. In “Screaming”, she inserted herself into popular horror films such as The Shining and Alien, screaming at the monsters to scare them away or blow them to smithereens. She confounds the traditional roles of “victim” and “predator”, or “star” and “fan”, to transcend cinematic conventions. In “Horror Makeup” she applies makeup on a daily subway commute, transforming herself into a zombie.

Caitlin Jones, of Rhizome, writes that her “work is distinct from many other artists also concerned with the cinematic. Not simply interested in issues of narrative, time, space, or the like, Mcdonald looks specifically at the genres romance and horror and how these constructions become a part of our own experiences” (Rhizome, Oct 8, 2007). ”

Fanatic, as in fan addict.