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The Sparkling

interactive video installation, 2008

The Sparkling is an interactive video installation in which the viewer's proximity to a projected image video, featuring a static chandelier, triggers a "supernatural" response. As the viewer approaches the video projection, this chandelier will tremor, sway, shake its crystals out of tune, and utter a high-pitched noise. Projected large, the video emphasizes the larger-than-life haunted object, with a louder- than-life soundtrack.

The Sparkling bears a titular reference to films like The Haunting and The Shining but also to its monster, the chandelier whose crystals sparkle when light hits them. The chandelier appears as a beacon in horror films like The Amityville Horror and Fright Night, tinkling eerily in a supernatural breeze.

The chandelier is treated as a monster in other cross-genre films including War of the Roses and Salmonberries. In both films, the filmmakers focus on this precarious inanimate creature as it crashes to the ground with its victims, broken and wobbling to its demise.