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Dead of the Night

Nov 13, 2010

A re-imagining of the narrative from George Romero's Night of the Living Dead, intentionally confounded by the presence of main characters from other popular zombie films. Surrounded by menacing zombies and barricaded within the context of a staged rural farmhouse, audience members are inserted into the narrative as the horror unfolds.

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Undead in the Night

May 28 - 30, 2009

A collaboration with Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö, Sweden with over 100 actors, out in the forest in the middle of the night. The artist places two undead creatures (hideous zombies and stunning vampires) in the same scenes with their victims, violating the codes and boundaries of the horror genre, and creating impossible scenarios. Observers become visitors in a living horror movie as they follow a 3km path. Starting at twilight and well into the darkness of night, a bus transfers the audience 8 people at a time to a secret forest location.

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Zombies in Condoland

October, 2008

An all night performance commissioned for Nuit Blanche Toronto, curated by Gordon Hatt, which was a zombie film shoot set in an urban park. Hundreds of passersby were invited to don make-up and costumes (provided) and be cast immediately in horror film scenes.

• website produced in residence at La Chambre Blanche in Québec City.

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Horror Make-up

July 15, 2006

I transform myself from normal to zombie in the midst of a daily subway commute.

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