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ASMR For Plants and You Too


ASMR For Plants (And You Too), for Around About Projects. Hello. Raise your volume and maximize your screen. Lower the lights and close your eyes. Enjoy the sensory tingles all over you and your plants. Allow calm to overtake you.

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jillian mcdonald, valley of the deer, web project, turbulence, horror film

From the Valley of the Deer


From the Valley of the Deer is an augmented reality artwork based on Valley of the Deer, a video installation produced in Scotland in 2013. Masked figures populate romantic landscapes. In each city where the video is exhibited, local sites are haunted by characters and scenes from the artwork, discoverable on walking tours. sThese apparitions may also be stumbled upon as *Points of Interest* by passersby.

• a 2013 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence web site. Made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation.

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jillian mcdonald, horror stories, julie gill, thinkfinity, web project, horror film

Horror Stories


Horror Stories enables an interactive and collaborative film-making experience. The work is a contemporary update and visual equivalent to ghost stories told around a campfire. Visitors to the site can watch custom films, contribute video clips, write and read stories, and share the results.

• website produced in part thanks to a grant from Verizon's Thinkfinity Initiative, Pace University, and Terminal@APSU
code - Julie Gill

website no longer active

jillian mcdonald, zombies in condoland, nuit blanche, toronto, web project

Zombies in Condoland


Zombies in Condoland is a performance for Nuit Blanche Toronto (Oct 4, 2008), curated by Gordon Hatt, which is the spectacle of a zombie film shoot. The website is created to invite participation and give information to prospective zombies

• website produced in residence at La Chambre Blanche in Québec City.

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jillian mcdonald, snow stories, web project



Snow Stories is a story engine, which uses appropriated and original film clips, images, animation, and sound stored in a database to translate the viewer's written story into a visual narrative.

• produced in residence at Harvestworks in New York, with additional funding from The Canada Council for the Arts, The Experimental Television Center, and Pace University
• exhibited in New Data at Harvestworks, NYC; FILE (Festival of Electronic Language) in Brazil; and Fringe Exhibitions in L.A.

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jillian mcdonald, screen kiss, soil media

Screen Kiss


A conceptual sequel to Me and Billy Bob, Screen Kiss aims to make Billy Bob, the object of desire, jealous by showing glimpses into the artist's romantic moments with other actors. <more info>

• commissioned by Soil New Media • in the collection of ComputerFineArts.com

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