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Alone Together in the Dark

2-channel video installation with sound and photographic murals, 2009

images above, video stills; images below, installation views

Two videos projected on opposite walls feature zombies and vampires staging a dramatic Western-style showdown at dawn in the desert. Surrounding the videos are floor-to-ceiling photographic murals that wrap the gallery in local desert imagery: cacti, mountain, rugged terrain, contemporary ghost towns, and graveyards. A freestanding saguaro rattles dryly.

This work was created in residence at ASU Art Museum with a cast of local participants in Tempe, Arizona, and included 50 actors, 4 videographers, 1 documentary photographer, 10 make-up artists, and 1 sound designer. Curated by John Spiak.

The video above demonstrates the two video channels side-by side. They are however installed opposite one another and surrounded by the photographic banners.

alone together
alone together