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Jillian McDonald, redrum redrum redrum redrum redrum redrum redrum

2010, 8 mins, 50 secs


Its title a reference to The Shining where a boy predicts "redrum" (murder) before a hotel elevator bursts with blood and all hell breaks loose, this video has a haunted horror theme. The scenes take us through a cavernous home where blood - a predominant prop in horror films - drips from faucets, runs down mirrors, and pools on stairs. The blood appears disembodied until the camera slowly reveals it's haunted source, visiting neighbouring houses that also drip with blood, suggesting a murderous streak. RedRum, filmed on location in Buffalo, NY in late 2009, features local teenagers as cast and crew. The video is filmed in Buffalo homes, and features a soundtrack recorded in collaboration with The Buffalo Soundpainting Ensemble. Created in residence at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center.


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Cast and crew are teenagers from Buffalo Academy of Performing and Visual Arts, Buffalo, NY

Isabella Luciano born and raised in Buffalo, New York. Over the years she has enjoyed exploring many different art forms including film making, drawing, and swing-dancing and has done many fire dancing performances. She is looking forward to starting art school in NYC next fall.

Rashard Cunninghamborn in Del Rio, Texas. He was raised in Austin with a good childhood and caring family. On a June summer in 2001, Rashard was in a car accident that paralyzed his mother. Years later he moved to Buffalo, New York to go to Buffalo's Academy for Visual and Performing Arts to major in communication, and TV and film, and is ready to graduate and hopefully attend Hilbert College. He intends on dedicating his films in high school and in college to his mother.

Zena Buckley Born and raised in Buffalo by a single mother. She has four brothers and is an only girl. Her main focus in life is to not only be an artist but a human being. She enjoys running the streets she loves. Zena is also multi-talented, she's done modeling, performance art, and theatre. There's nothing she doesn't love getting into, supporting the people and projects that keep the city alive. "D.I.Y or Die."