Tunnel and Radio Skies

Video 2024

Tunnel and Radio Skies, filmed in Brooklyn, Arizona, and other locations during the pandemic, displays visual radio magnetic skies which connect multiple locations as a lone human traveller digs a hole like a portal in an urban backyard and wanders between places until she disappears into the signal. The traveller serves merely to take us from one place to another, with a spare performance and no dialogue. Animated skies were created with the help of artificial intelligence text to image generators, fed passages from a standard amateur radio manual. This digital interference enhances the natural world and seemingly paranormal happenings, which are not explained but could be bizarre weather patterns. The soundtrack features radio signal and interference, artificial intelligence generators, and mismatched sounds recorded at the on-screen locations.

The work is funded by The Canada Council for the Arts and Pace University. It was partially created as Visiting Artist at Anderson Ranch in Colorado; and while in residence at Wave Farm in New York, Eastern Edge Gallery in Canada, and Temp Files online. Locations include a Brooklyn backyard, Joshua Tree National Park and Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge in California, Lost Dutchman State Park and Cave Creek in Arizona, and Signal Hill in Newfoundland.

Radio soundtrack, broadcast at Wave Farm, June 2023:

Video excerpts: